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Description rapide : La célèbre librairie graphique
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Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-92I TI-92II TI-92+ TI-V200 TI-89Ti
Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2 HW3
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS1.00~1.05 AMS2.01~2.05 AMS2.07~2.09 AMS3.00~3.10 PedroM
Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM C
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GENLIB is an asm dynamic (kernel based) graph 4-gray tiles-oriented library for TI-92, TI-92+, Ti-89, V200 and Titanium compatible with C and ASM. It works on all known AMS and hardware (including PedroM). It is mainly for 2D-games which looks like the games on the famous snes and genesis. There are a lot of functions. Most of them are very fast. Of course, it is possible to do better functions (Don't hesitate to contribute). You don't need to use graphlib, gray4lib, tigcclib or any other gray-scale library for using GENLIB.

In order to work properly in C, two static libraries have been created (genlib.a and gennlib.a): they are designated to work in C, and not in ASM.

You will need at least TIGCC v0.94 beta 22 ( to compile a C program with GENLIB.

What are the main features of GENLIB?

4 perfect levels of gray (on all hardware versions).
Scrolling (standard / line by line thanks to the Dhz & Hdz table)
Background / Foreground / Transparent.
1, 2 or 3 planes for scrolling with tiles 16x16 or 8x8.
Put transparent sprite 16x16 (Transparent color is White or Light Gray).
Put masked sprite with N words x H Height (max 240x128 pixels).
Put halo sprite with N words x H Height (max 240x128 pixels).
Put fast sprites: more than 13000 sprites (16x16) / second! (B&W).
Clipping / flipping.
The Black&White standard graph functions work with GENLIB.
Point / Line / Circle / Triangle drawing routines (Very fast)
Link routines.
Fast put string routines.
More than 100 functions!
3 languages officially supported (Assembly, C and Small).
Lights functions (with Circles and Triangles).
Palette (8 palettes for tiles 16x16).
PC Matrix editor.
On-calc sprite and map editor.
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