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Description rapide : Le jeu qui est livré avec windows est maintenant livré avec ti :-)
Auteur de l'archive : R_Wagner
Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-92+
Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS1.00~1.05 AMS2.01~2.05
Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM
Version 2.2 for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus

Written by Rusty Wagner
Send questions, comments, or bugs to
For updates, visit my web page at
For information on writing assembly programs for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus,
visit the web page above.

Ported by Flavien Racine

You may distribute this program freely as long as it is unmodified and
contains this text file. If you have made any changes and want them
to be distributed, please e-mail me at

This version requires DoorsOS II v0.96 or higher, or compatible kernel, such
as UniversalOS or TeOS.
Those files can be found here :

To install, transfer solitare.9xz (or solitare.89z) to your calculator. If
you have not already done so, transfer the libraries util, gray4lib, and
hufflib to your calculator.

New features in v2.2:
*Corrected some bugs on TI-92+
*Corrected the bug when the game was runed with UniversalOS, thanks
to JM ;)
*Now works also with TeOS and DoorsOS.

New features in v2.1:
*HW2 support (good display)

New features in v2.0:
*ROMs v2.0x support !

New features in v1.7:
* Now TI-89 compatible. The same binary runs on both the TI-89 and
the TI-92 Plus.
* Compiled for PlusShell v1.0 or Doors OS v0.85

New features in v1.61 Beta 1:
* Ported to PlusShell v0.7 Alpha
* Fixed timer problem when run after Patrick Davidson's Phoenix game.

New features in v1.6 Beta 1:
* Added time statistics (fastest win and total playing time).
* The elapsed time of the current game is shown in the bottom right
corner of the screen.
* Fixed TI-92 Plus specific bug which caused the wrong stats page
to come up when the game was started.

New features in v1.53 Beta 2:
* Randomization problem fixed. Before, the same games would come
up when the game is installed. Now, they are always completely

New features in v1.53 Beta 1:
* Fixed all known bugs.
* Allocates grayscale memory dynamically.

New features in v1.53 Alpha 1:
* Runs on the TI-92 Plus. This version currently does not require
any libraries or external files.

New features in v1.52:
* Corrected spelling of "solitaire". Note the filenames still
are missing the "i" because of 8-character name limits.

New features in v1.51:
* Fixed vegas statistics bug

New features in v1.5:
* Improved controls. See below.
* If you are guaranteed to win a game, all cards are put onto the
ace piles automatically.
* The ability to take cards down off the ace piles is now an option
* Vegas-style scoring
* Separate stats and top scores for vegas, draw 1, and draw 3
* Fixed problem with piles too large to fit on the screen.
Previously, there was no way to select a card if it was not
originaly onscreen.

Features from v1.0:
* Top 3 score list
* Stats including number of hands, wins, losses, streaks,
average score, and winning percentage
* Grayscale cards make it much easier to play!
* Draw either 1 or 3 cards at a time
* Saves your game if you quit in the middle of one

A faster, more effiecient way to move the cursor has been introduced.
Use the following keys to select the column of your choice:
'1'-'7': Select one of the seven main piles. (1=far left, 7=far right)
F1-F4: Select an ace pile
'0': Select face down cards from deck
'.': Select face up card from deck

To select more/less cards, use the up or down arrow key. Use 2nd-up to
select all the cards and 2nd-down to deselect all but the top card.

You can also use the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor. Press
Enter to select a card. Press 'Clear' to end the game when you are done.

NOTE: Games and stats will NOT be saved if the program file is stored
in the user data archive.

The source to the game is included. If you use all or part of the source in
your own game, be sure to give credit to me, Rusty Wagner.

I take no responsiblilty for anything this program may do to your
calculator or your data. It is, however, very unlikely (if not impossible)
for this program to do any damage to the calculator itself.

Thanks to:
* TI for their great calculators
* Motorola for their easy-to-program chip!
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