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Description rapide : Un Sokoban-like de la TI Chess Team
Auteur de l'archive : TICT
Calculatrices concernées : Toutes TI68k (ou non renseigné)
Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS1.00~1.05 AMS2.01~2.05 AMS2.07~2.09
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What is SokoMize?

SokoMize is a Sokoban clone with randomly generated levels or predefined levels.
Destination squares are marked with a black square.
To solve a level each destination square must be covered with one box
(normally there are much more boxes arround than destination squares).
Due to that randomized generation the program CANNOT GUARANTEE that a level
is solvable, so be kind !!!
If you press SHIFT and a direction key the screen scrolls arround without
moving the character.
A tiny dark square in the upper left corner will indicate that you are in
scroll mode.

SokoMize should be seen as demonstration code for some new features of the
TIGCC standard library 2.0 from Zeljko Juric and people who want to start
with C programming for the TI's.

STARTING SOKOMIZE ON AMS 2.0x calculators without a kernel like DOORS II 0.96
or Universal OS 1.10 installed

(1) upload sokomize.89z into your TI89 or sokomize.9xz into your TI92plus
(2) upload sokstart.89z into your TI89 or sokstart.9xz into your TI92plus
(3) type: sokstart() and press [ENTER]

NOTE: the sokstart file is just a launcher which is necessary to start the
SokoMize program on AMS 2.0x calculators if *NO* kernel is installed.
If you have already a kernel like DOORS II 0.96 or Universal OS 1.10
installed, you can start sokomize directly without using the launcher !


There exists two play modes:

(1) In preset mode the level data is taken taken from a specified text variable
(2) In random mode the level is generated randomly, but the program cannot
guarantee that a level is solvable.

To select the play mode press the UP or DOWN key until only one of the modes
is displayed inverted. Now you can use the LEFT or RIGHT key to select the mode.
To modify the additional parameters press UP or DOWN until the parameter you
want to modify is highlighted. Afterwards the parameter may be modified with
the the LEFT or RIGHT key.

In random mode the following parameters are used:

Rand.Boxes --- number of randomly distributed boxes in the level
Rand.Destinations --- number of randomly distributed destination fields
Percentage Walls --- percentage of walls within the level

In preset mode the following parameters are used:

Levelfile --- name of the text variable which contains the level data
(m00,m01,m02 and so on)
Levelnumber --- number of level to play

To start a game press RETURN.
Pressing ESCAPE at the main menu will leave the program.

NOTE: If the program is archived the actual settings of the parameters
are NOT stored. So if you start the program again all parameters will
be at their default values again !!!

SokoMize comes with 2 level files. Depending on your calculator type they are
named m00.89t and m01.89t (TI89) or m00.9xt and m01.9xt (TI92plus) and they are
located in the corresponding directories.

If you want to use the preset levels just upload them to your calculator, too.

m00: the japanese levels aka "the brain breakers" (VERY HARD)
44 Levels made by Yoshio Murase

m01: the "ancient" levels
50 Levels taken from Sokoban 1.2d by Alban Gervaise

I've tried to contact the authors for their permission, but sorrily got no
response until now. So the bundling of SokoMize with the level files is

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