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Description rapide : Un jeu de réflexion ...
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Calculatrices concernées : TI-92+
Hardware concernés : Indifférent
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Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : Rush Hour
By Peter J. Rowe

This is a game where a car is stuck in a traffic jam and you have to direct the movement
of the other cars to free the white car(s). To play, you move the cursor using the arrow
keys and press second to move a car once the cursor is on the end of the car that points
in the direction that you wish to move the car in. All cars will only move along their
long axis. The apps key will reset the level to its initial state if you get stuck. This
game works just fine when archived.

Version History
Ver. 1.7
Fixed a possible crash bug and added a version number display.

Ver. 1.6
Combined the level file and the executable since I was frustrated with keeping track of
two files.

Ver. 1.5
Fixed a bug with the graphics routines.

Ver. 1.4
Fixed a memory leak if the level set was not found and fixed a bug in the menu on the 92+.

Ver. 1.3
Cahnged the code so that it morphs at compile time instead of run time. Also compressed
the program and optimized some code.

Ver. 1.2
Re-wrote the program so it will atuomatically adapt to which calculator it is being run

Ver. 1.1
Grouped the level file and the program, like I meant to do in the first place.

Ver. 1.0
Initial Public Release. I think all bugs are squished, but email me if you find any.
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