uView 1.9
Taille du fichier : 211.83 Ko
Nombre de téléchargements : 2660
Nombre de vues : 12465
Description rapide : Le plus récent, et sûrement le meilleur txtrider-like
Auteur de l'archive : Flanker
Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-92+ TI-V200 TI-89Ti
Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2 HW3
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS2.01~2.05 AMS2.07~2.09 AMS3.00~3.10
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : . What is uView?

uView (originally "µView", which stood for "Micro View") is a small (hum...) text viewer for the TI-89/92+/V200 calculators. Here are its main design goals :

* stability: this is the main reason why it exists, as some viewers (TextRider...) are highly unstable
* speed: just as fast as TextRider -- and with background image-loading, loading times are close to zero
* compression: very fast decompression (faster than ZipLib) with high compression ratios (close to TTPack), thanks to the new XPak codec
* compatibility: intended to be fully compatible with TextRider (with minor restrictions, see below)
* ease of searching: uView features a browser that allows you to divide your texts into various classes, and it even allows you to search in all the text files of your calculator (even those that are compressed!)

uView works only under AMS 2.01 and above. You may download the latest AMS version from here.

Simply copy the file "uview_e.89z" (or "uview_e.9xz"/".v2z" depending on your calculator model) to your calculator. You do not need any kernel to use it, however if you have AMS 2.03 or lower you may need a program launcher.

There is a French version available in "uview_f.89z".

To run it, type uview() from the home screen. If you want to view a specific text, you may also type uview("myfolder\myfile") (this is mainly for use in scripts, since the integrated browser is usually much more practical than the Var-Link screen for other uses).


* if you want slightly faster startup times, you may use the file "uview_e_upk.89z", which is located in the "Unpacked" folder of this zip file. However, be aware that it is slightly larger, and that you might need to install a program like H220xTSR to run it.
* if you want a smaller version, you may use the file "uview_e_light.89z", located in the "Light" folder. However, be aware that there may be files you won't be able to read if you don't read the instructions given in section 4.3 of this help file.
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