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Description Complète : Ultimate Minesweeper
By Peter J. Rowe

This game attempts to include all variations on the minesweeper concept that I know of,
plus a couple that I made up myself.

To play the game, the controls are the arrow keys and [2nd], [Diamond], and [Shift].
[2nd] checks a square and [Diamond] flags a mine. [Shift] does check around, which must
be done with the cursor on a previously checked square. Check around first checks to see
that the number of flags adjacent to the square is the same as the number of mines
adjacent to the square, and then checks all unflagged squares next to the square that you
used [Shift] on. The "teacher key" is [Clear]. Press it and the program will exit back to
the home screen and the next time you run Ultimate Minesweeper it will be back where you
left it.

This program work just fine when archived.
To reset the high scores, best times, and number of mines for progressive mode, delete the
file "sweepdat".

Primary Play Style
This is the "walk across the minefield" type of minesweeper. Whenever you move, the
square that you move to is checked. There is no auto-clear, no flagging, and no check
around square in this mode. It is entirely possible to have minefields in this mode that
are impossible to beat. To win, you must merely get to the lower right square from the
upper left square.
This is the type that most of you are probably familiar with. It is the type that comes
with MS Windows. To win, you must check all squares that have a mine adjacent to them.
When you start, the upper left square is guaranteed to be free of mines.

Numbering style
This is the same type of numbering that all the other minesweeper clones that I have seen
use. In this numbering mode, you play on a plane, which means that there are less adjacent
squares along the edges and at the corners. Also, you can exploit edge effects to get
started with the game. However, you have to guess more in the end of the game.
This is a mode that I made up. In this mode, you are playing on a torus (sort of like a
donut). This means that the edges wrap around and so does the number of adjacent mines.
For instance, you could have a row of three ones at the top of the screen that refers to a
mine that is at the bottom of the screen. This means that all squares have eight adjacent
squares. This makes it harder to get started on the levels with more mines, but it really
cuts down on the amount of times that you have to guess near the end.

This is the same as the beginner difficulty level on windows minesweeper - 8 high by 8
wide by 10 mines.
On the 89, this is not quite the same as intermediate level on windows minesweeper because
I had to adjust it to fit on the screen. On the 92+, it is the same as the intermediate
level. It has the same average number of mines per square though. - (89)15x15x35/
This level I also had to adjust to fit on the screen on the 89. - (89)15x26x86/
You can set the width, the height, and the number of mines, although the number of mines
cannot exceed half the number of squares.
This is another mode that I made up. In this mode, all games are 15x26 on the 89 and
19x39 on the 92+. It starts out at 15 mines and every other time you win it adds one
mine. Eventually, it gets to the point where there are enough mines that it is nearly
impossible to win.

Evaluation system
You just play the game.
The game is timed and if you are playing a beginner, intermediate, or expert game it keeps
track of best times.
This is a special mode. You start out with a small minefield and a low amount of mines
and the size and number of mines gradually increases and then plateaus out. You are given
one point for each square you clear and you are given ten points for each mine that you
flag when you beat the level. To beat the level, you must check all squares and flag all
mines. Once you beat the level, it automatically goes on to the next one. You continue
progressing through the levels until you hit a mine. In this mode, there is no guarantee
that the upper left square will be free of mines.

All these options can be combined in various ways, although some of them do not make sense
(like combining hp and toroidal), so I made it impossible to select these combinations.
However, this minesweeper game still has more options than you can shake a stick at. Have

As always, many thanks to the TIGCC team for their wonderful compiler, and also to Zeljko
Zuric for his library and programming advice.

Version History
Ver. 2.1
Fixed a bug with the menu system (again...).

Ver. 2.0
Rearranged the TIME structure to make the high score routine work correctly. Also used my
new ExtRand random number package.

Ver. 1.9
Included the file creation check for save files also. Put in a bit of code at the
beginning of the program to prevent the 89 version from running on the 92+ and the 92+
version from running on the 89. Changed the timer to a minutes and seconds fromat,
instead of just seconds, and fixed a nasty bug in the 92+ version that had been there
since version 1.4.

Ver. 1.8
Updated the file reading routines to check and make sure that the file they are reading is
a save file or data file created by this program. Also disabled AUTO_INT_5 to improve
rowread performance and switched my timing to the WaitForMillis routine from TI-Chess.
Changed the one square at a time to be default for HP mode and unavailable in Windows
mode. Added a version number display.

Ver. 1.7
Fixed a bug with the menu and finally got around to updating this readme to match the
current state of the game. I just switched to a Dvorak keyboard, so I am having fun
relearning how to type.

Ver. 1.6
Fixed a couple of bugs with the menu.

Ver. 1.5
Re-wrote the menus to be much more intuitive.

Ver. 1.4
Changed the program so that it morphs at compile-time instead of run-time. Also
compressed the program.

Ver. 1.3
Re-wrote the program so that it automatically adjusts to which calculator it is running
on. The saved game format of this version is incomptible with previous versions, so
finish up any saved games before installing this version. You will also need to delete
the file sweepdat, because the scored mode has changed.

Ver. 1.2
Squished a couple more bugs that I found.

Ver. 1.1
I really shouldn't have released Ver. 1.0. It was buggy and one of my friends at school
suggested that I add the alpha key feature. However, as far as I can tell all bugs are
squashed in this version and I added the ability to go one square at a time when holding
down [Alpha] on the 89 or [Hand] on the 92+.

Ver. 1.0
Initial public release
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