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Description rapide : Un autre shoot-em up de PaD
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Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2 HW3
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS1.00~1.05 AMS2.01~2.05 AMS2.07~2.09 AMS3.00~3.10
Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM
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Mercury - The ultimate (?) grayscale shoot-em-up for the TI-89!

Version 0.93 - Released September 6, 2004

This program is in the public domain. There is no warranty.

_____________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Introduction ..................................................... 26
2. System requirements .............................................. 48
3. Legal stuff ...................................................... 80
4. Instructions .................................................... 103
5. Bonus Items ..................................................... 119
6. Skill Levels .................................................... 140
7. Contacting the Programmer ....................................... 162
8. Acknowledgements ................................................ 193
9. Version History ................................................. 238
10. The Future ..................................................... 300

_____________________________________ INTRODUCTION

Mercury is a free/open source shoot-em-up style game for the TI-89, TI-89
Titanium Edition, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200 calculators. This game was
written completely in 68000 assembly language to fully take advantage of the
calculator's capabilities.

If you want to obtain other calculator programs or learn more about TI
calculators, I would suggest visiting the web sites listed below. They all
have large archives as we
ll as help sections. If you don't know how to
transfer programs to your calculator, or how to run them once you've
transferred them, you should read the help sections on these sites, or the
FAQ on my web page.

Modification of this program is encouraged. To facilitate this, I have
placed the program in public domain.

_____________________________________ SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

SYSTEMS SUPPORTED: There is a TI-89 version which supports the TI-89 and
TI-89 Titanium, and a TI-92 Plus version which supports the TI-92 Plus and
Voyage 200. Users are exepected to know which calculators they have and
choose appropriately. No patches are needed for any of these calculators.

HARDWARE VERSIONS SUPPORTED: This game will work on hardware versions 1, 2,
and 3 (all of the versions currently known). It is not necessary to install
HW2Patch or HW3Patch for this game.

SOFTWARE VERSIONS SUPPORTED: This game should work on all AMS versions up to
version 3.00, and will probably work on newer versions as well unless they
contain new features intended to prevent such programs from working. There
are, however, two exceptions to this. If you have the very old AMS version
1.00 on a TI-92 Plus, this game (as well as many other programs) will not
work. In this case you will need to upgrade to AMS 1.01 or above. Also,
the uncompressed version will not run under AMS 2.03 due to that version's
size limit for programs, unless you have disabled the size limit. You can
get the newest version of the AMS from TI's web site.

MEMORY REQUIREMENTS: The game file itself must, of course, fit into memory
in order to install it on the calculator. If stored in archive memory, it
must be temporarily copied to RAM in order to run. Additionally, you will
need about 15K of free memory for temporary storage if you have hardware
version 1, and 19K of free memory for 2 and 3. Approximately 2K of memory
is needed to store the game.

SHELLS/KERNELS REQUIRED: No shell or kernel is required to run this game.
Unless there are problems in the shell or kernel used, the game should run
with a kernel installed and should be startable from a shell.

_____________________________________ LEGAL STUFF

Since you did not pay me anything for the right to use this software, there
is no warranty of any kind. This software has been tested, and at the time
of release the author was not aware of any problems with it. However, there
is still a possibility of unforeseen problems. If you do encounter any
problems with this program, please inform me as soon as possible (of course,
I cannot guarantee that I will fix such problems.

All parts of this software written by me are in the public domain, which
means that they are not copyrighted at all. Thus you may use, copy, or
modify it any way you want. The few things not written by me are from the
TI-GCC library, so they can be freely copied.

However, I would appreciate if you at least do the following if you are
making a modified version:

- Don't restrict distribution of it
- Supply source code
- Give me a reasonable amount of credit
- Make your version also public domain, or copyrighted under a license that
still allows users to modify it

_____________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS

To install the game on your calculator, you only need to send the program
file. For the TI-89 and TI-89 Titanium Edition, this file should be called
'mercury.89z' on the computer; for the TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200 it is
'mercury.9xz'. Once it is installed, type mercury() on the home screen
to run the program.

Additionally, the game creates a variable called 'mercsave' when you exit
which stores saved games, high scores, and options. You can safely delete
'mercsave' but then its data may be lost. All of the files can be archived,
but 'mercsave' will be saved into RAM on exit (even if it was archived

The in-game controls are explained by the in-game instructions.

_____________________________________ BONUS ITEMS

The following bonus items may appear:

Heart - Regenerates your shields.

Number 2 - Supplies an enhanced weapon for your ship.

Number 3 - Supplies an enhanced weapon for your ship.

Number 4 - Supplies an enhanced weapon for your ship.

Plus Sign - Gives a bonus to your score.

Letter E - Increases rate of energy generation. Your current energy level
is shown by the bar marked Energy. Energy is generated at a limited rate,
and is expended when you shoot. Higher level weapons require more energy
per shot.

Letter M - Supplies you with four missile (press diamond to launch).

_____________________________________ SKILL LEVELS

Starting with version 0.91, Mercury allows you to play at five different
skill levels. Higher skill levels will be harder to play, but you will get
higher scores. Each additional difficulty level gives you 10 extra points
per enemy destroyed, and 20 extra points per score bonus collected. Here
are the changes at different skill levels:

1 - Beginner - Damage done by enemies reduced. Initial energy generation

2 - Intermediate - This is the same as the original difficulty of previous

3 - Advanced - Many enemies increase firing rate (by 18.2% to 28.5%).

4 - Expert - As with advanced, but enemy bullets also travel at twice the
normal speed.

5 - You asked for it - As with expert, but enemy bullets also do twice the
normal amount of damage.

_____________________________________ CONTACTING THE PROGRAMMER

If you find any bugs in this game or have suggestions or comments about it,
please tell me in E-Mail! If you are writing to report a bug, please be
sure to tell me exactly what the problem is and describe exactly what you
did before the problem occured. If you don't do so, it will be very hard
for me to tell what is going wrong! You should also tell me which version
of Monster you have and which calulator you use in any mail you send me.
My main E-Mail address is:

I will usually answer my E-Mail within a week. If you don't get any answer
in two weeks, you can try sending to the following backup addresses:

If your E-Mail is set up to block all messages except those from certain
addresses, always be sure that you have un-blocked my address before
sending anything to me (best to un-block all of them, since I might answer
from a different one than you sent to).

You can always get the latest version of this game, as well as other
programs of mine, from my web page. The addresses are:

_____________________________________ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

This game is my own work. However, there are a few others whose assistance
was invaluable in producing this game, and there efforts will be acknowledged
here, in no particular order:

David Ellsworth Fargo II and the Fargo II development tools,
also a small bit of FLIB code I used

Olivier Lesteven TEOS and the TEOS development tools

Brian Anderson and The A68K assembler, used to assemble almost all
Charlie Gibbs calculator assembly programs

Tleilax DB92, an amazing on-calculator debugger

Rusty Wagner of ACZ The VTI calculator emulator, which provides the
ultimate testing environment on a computer

MarkuSoft They GrayImag image converter

Corey Taylor of the ACZ the CalcGS map editing software

Zeljko Juric The TI-GCC library, whose documentation helped
to explain some ROM functions and also showed
me how to do OS key-reading and HW detection, and
from which grayscale and file routines are used

Thomas Nussbaumer The ExePack utilities which compress the program
quite a great deal

Aaron Povolish The ever-important beta testers, who have made
Adrian Posor sure that this program is bug-free
Nathan Ogden
Robert Chen

The inspiration for this game comes primarily from these computer games:

Battle Squadron (Amiga) - Innerprise, 1989
Deluxe Galaga (Amiga) - Edgar M. Vidgal, 1993-1994
Tyrian (PC) - Epic Megagames, 1995

Note that this does not in any way mean that Mercury is intended to be a
"clone" of any of these games; it isn't.

_____________________________________ VERSION HISTORY

Sizes listed here are for the uncompressed TI-92 Plus version of the program.

Version Date Bytes Lines Description

0.01b 20-Apr-02 11749 3545 first version

0.02b 21-Apr-02 13207 3912 added save game
optimized some graphics routines
added some additional enemies

0.03b 4-May-02 13207 3912 fixed a bug which crashed on startup

0.04b 8-May-02 15283 4216 improved enemy swinging patterns
added new enemies
added instructions to title screen

0.05b 17-May-02 15427 4290 bullets now go through explosions
fixed 92+ title screen keys
implemented player-to-background collision

0.06b 26-May-02 16261 4557 implemented bonuses
implemented ship power level
implemented scoring

0.07b 26-May-02 16831 4666 implemented third weapon
implemented multiple levels

0.08b 6-Jun-02 16993 4738 implemented game over screen
optimized various things

0.20b 30-Jul-02 19523 5097 slowed energy regeneration
decreased bonus deployment
added a cheat code
lengthened second level
added new enemy types

0.27b 16-Aug-02 20837 5237 added third level
added fourth weapon

0.40 9-Sep-02 21399 5442 added scoring

0.75 10-Feb-04 23381 5745 no longer stops AMS 2.08 clock
optimized various things
extended third level
added fourth level
fixed moving explosion problem
added missiles
refined cheating system
player bullets now go through explosions
game now ends on completion of last level
scoring improved

0.76 6-Apr-04 23381 5745 Now compatible with TI-89 Titanium Edition

0.93 6-Sep-04 22195 5915 Optimized various routines for size
Implemented multiple difficulty levels
Packed the level data
Small changes to levels
Cheat now gives 1500 missiles

______________________________________ THE FUTURE

In the future I hope this game will be finished, a goal which rather
amazingly seems to be rather close now.
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