BigDyna beta 4
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Description rapide : Le Bomberman le plus fidèle à la version PC originale !!!
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Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-92+ TI-V200 TI-89Ti
Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2 HW3
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Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM Kernel
Description Complète : *************************************************
* *
* B I G D Y N A beta 4 *
* *
* *
* by Jean Canazzi - *
* *

* HW adaptation by Flavien RACINE (

Note about this version :
When I started working on Bigdyna, I was thinking of only releasing it
once 100% finished. The problem is that I always have news idea, so
I finally understood that I would never consider the game like really
being "finished". So here is a beta.

What is it ?

Well, as its name indicates it, BigDyna is a clone of the famous
game Dynablaster. I think everybody has already played it, so
I won't describde it.


To run Bigdyna, you need a TI92 I,II or Plus, or a TI89. Depending of the
calculator you own, you will need either Fargo or Doorsos installed.
The game should also works under Plusshell, although I didn't test it.

You will also need the following libs :

On TI92 Plus / TI89 :

You will also need at least 18 ko to run the game on a TI92 I or II,
and at least 24 ko on a TI92 Plus or TI89.


The game is composed of 8 worlds, each one containing 4 rounds + a boss round.
The object of each round is to kill all the monsters in it, then find the exit


On a TI92 :
Arrows : move the bomber
Hand : drop a bomb
F1 : trigger bomb
Esc : back to the menu

On a TI89 :
Arrows : move the bomber
2nd : drop a bomb
Diamond : trigger bomb
Esc : back to the menu

The menu

Once you have launched the program, the main menu will appear. It contain
4 options, that you can select with the "drop bomb" key as indicated above :
New : Start a new game
Resume : resume a stopped game
Random : let you play a random round. after the round is finished however,
you'll get back to the main menu. Also, this option won't let you
see the boss levels.
Quit : ... (I never remember what this option does)

Coming soon

Well, this is a beta. In the next versions, I will add multipayers mode, with a few
more bonus specially designed for this mode. However, I can't tell you when it will
come (I have so many others projects !).


If you don't have enough memory to run the game on a TI92 I or II, your calc will
crash ! Therefore, don't even try to run it under Fbrowser.

If you find a bug, please repport it to me.


I'd like to thanks the following persons. I apologize by advance because I will
certainly forget some names. Never mind, nobody reads the greetings :-)

- first my beta testers : Snap, KAKE, and the ones I forget...
- David Ellsworth, Xavier Vassor, Rusty Wagner for the assembly support. You are the
ones who made all of this possible !
- David Kühling for the great shrinklib compressin tool ! I think that every game
programmer should use it !
- Jimmy Mardell for Linelib and the 68K guide
- Jonas Minnberg and Rusty Wagner (again) for their great emulators
- Roby for the best TI french site (
- all the TI programmers on ICQ for their support (etan21, Fred, Wormhole, xav, Tom...)
- ...

Special note about shrnklib : shrnklib is a compression library, that many peoples
don't know, but wich provides a very better compression than all the others.
For example, in Bigdyna, I compressed all the graphics with it, and got a 50%
ratio. With hufflib, I only got 25% ! And shrnklib is only 50 bytes more than
hufflib. Good job David !
I think every game programmer should use it.

This list is still in beta stage and is certainly not complete.
If I forgot to quote you, send me a bug repport.

How to contact me

There are at least three ways to contact me :

Mail :
ICQ : 36377740
IRC : I sometimes go on #ti. My nick is Blue-Z

By, and have fun with Bigdyna !
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