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Description rapide : Un joli bomberman qui vient de sortir !
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...:::BOMBERDUDE v 0.94:::...

By Jean-François Geyelin (
Member of Orage Studio (
Compiled with TIGCC 0.95 Beta 18 (
Uses 'E X T G R A P H v 2 . 0 0 Beta 3' (

History available at ''


1st key to drop a bomb.
2nd key to drop a line of bomb or activate the teletransporter.
TI89: [2nd],[DIAMOND]
TI92+: [F1],[F2]
V200: [Hand],[Q]

Press [ESC] to quit in emergency during the gamem. Only available in single player. (who said "teacher key" ?)
Press [F5] to pause the game. After that, press [ENTER] to return to the game. Only available in single player.
Press [CLEAR] to return to the main menu.

Lots of keys right ?


Bonus avalaible:
"Fire up":
Increases the blast radius of your bombs by one block's worth. Max firepower range is 8 block.
"Bomb up":
Increases the number of bombs you can deply at one time by one. The maximum number of bombs you can deploy is 8.
"Line Bomb":
Press "bomb key" to send out a line of bombs in the direction you are facing. The number of bombs will be equal
to your max bomb limit. Note: you can't have the "teletransporter" bonus at the same time.
"Teletransporter": Teletransport you to a random location. Note: you can't have the "line bomb" bonus at the same time.
You can go through destructible walls.
Gives you one of the illnesses listed below:
*Lead foot; slows your bomberman down to a crawl.
*Diarrhea; makes you drop bombs at every step.
*Constipation; leaves you unable to drop bombs at all.
*Reverse syndrome; reverses all controls for your bomberdude.
*Hyperactivity; shortens the fuses on all your bombs.
*Lethargy; lengthens the fuses on your bombs.
*Speedy Gonzales mode; Not really a illness: it makes you move twice has fast.


Thanks to the all the people that helped me !

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