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Description rapide : Un jeu d'aventure textuelle en anglais
Auteur de l'archive : Zjuric
Calculatrices concernées : TI-92+
Hardware concernés : Indifférent
ROMs (AMS) supportés : Tous (ou non renseigné)
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : "The Planet of Death" (also known as "Adventure A") is very old and limited
text adventure game, originally produced by "Artic Computing" company (the
game author is probably Simon Wadsworth, although I have no exact proof for
this hyphotesis). In this game, you find yourself stranded on an alien planet.
Your aim is to escape from this planet by finding your, now captured and
disabled, space ship. You will meet various hazards and dangers on your
adventure, some natural and some not, all of which you must overcome to

This game is written in 1981 for Sinclair ZX81 microcomputer (a very limited
but very cheap microcomputer), and one year later it was ported (without any
improvements) to very famous Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Although quite limited,
this game was very famous, and it takes an important place in the history of
adventure games. Even a site exists which is dedicated to this game (if you
are interested, visit ""). This TI-92 Plus
port is based on generic C port of the original game, made by Paul Taylor. In
comparing to the original game, this port is somewhat improved: known bugs are
removed, rather bizzare spelling and punctuation is corrected (partially: I am
not a language expert too), and the vocabulary is slightly expanded.

To play the game, transfer "pldeath.9xz" on your TI, then type "pldeath()" at
home screen. This program is "nostub" program, i.e. it does not require any
kernels or shells (like DoorsOS) for run. If you have AMS 2.03 and if you have
not any shells installed (like DoorsOS, TEOS, Universal OS etc.), you also
need to transfer small "patch" program named "pldeath2" on your calc, and type
"pldeath2()" to run (note that BOTH "pldeath.9xz" and "pldeath2.9xz" must be
present on the calculator). You will be asked do you want playing with
lowercase letters. If you answer 'N', the whole game will be in uppercase,
giving the filling like playing the original one (note that ZX81 have no
lowercase letters). Note: type QUIT to exit game.

Have fun, and happy nostalgia!
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