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Description rapide : Sumo Wrestling v0.12
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Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-92+ TI-V200 TI-89Ti
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Description Complète : Get ready to play a full-featured Sumo Wrestling game, complete with everything from pre-
match smack talk, to earthquake-inducing tosses, to creating your own customized wrestlers!
This program was designed with the Ti-89, Ti-89 Titanium, Ti-92+, and v200 in mind, and the
same program should run on all three calculators. If needed, key information is provided
in the game itself from the main menu's Info option. To get the most out of Sumo Wrestling,
be sure to read through the instructions before playing. Have fun with this game :)


1) Send the two Sumo files to your calculator
* The file 'sumo' is the program launcher
* The file 'sumodata' contains the compressed game code which is run by sumo()
2) Type sumo() in the Home entry line
3) Press ENTER to run the game
4) There will be a very short pause while the game is decompressing. This is normal and
should last one to two seconds.

Compatibility Notes:

* Sumo Wrestling needs about 125,000 bytes of free RAM to run. To free up memory, you may
have to archive some files. Go to the Var-Link menu (2nd -), choose a file (or more than
one, using F4), then press F1 to open the Manage menu and press 8, 'Archive Variable' to
archive files.

* Sumo Wrestling should be compatible with all AMS versions 1.01 and greater, including
the Titanium. It should also run fine on PedroM.

* The program is designed to detect which type of calculator it is being run on, so the same
program will run on a Ti-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92+, or on a v200. One of the files should
have a .z extension (ASM extension on calc) and the other should have a .y (ppg extension on

* With recent versions of Ti-Connect, the .z and .y extensions will not show up on your
computer. This is normal; just send the two files to your calculator anyway.



The object of Sumo Wrestling is to force your opponent out of the ring (dohyo). You lose if
you are forced out of the ring or if you fall to the ground. A match is conducted by weakening
your opponent with various pummeling techniques and then using one of many finishes available to
conclude the match. The game modes currently available allow you to play against the computer,
practice against a 'dummy' opponent, watch the computer play itself, or play against a friend
with multiplayer linkplay. A tournament mode is under development.


Every match starts out with each wrestler performing one of three Sumo rituals. Wrestlers will
then move into the center, bow down, and begin wrestling once they are frowning at each other.
You can bypass the ritual introductions by pressing Enter to immediately begin the match.
Walking into your opponent will cause both wrestlers to enter the Pummel position (holding onto
each other). Most moves/finishes are only available from the Pummel position. The 'Forwards'
key refers to pressing into your opponent, and the 'Backwards' key refers to pressing away from
your opponent. Depending on a comparison of wrestler stats and a bit of randomness, moves can
be Reversed. For example, if an extremely weak wrestler attempted to Lift a very strong/heavy
wrestler, he would begin the move, but not be able to lift all the way through. When most
Reversals occur, the wrestler attempting the move will 'sweat' as he tries unsuccessfully to
perform the desired move.
Once your opponent is sufficiently weak enough, when you attempt a move, you wrestler will
perform a Finish instead, ending the match. There are multiple creative finishes available for
each move and some of them are pretty funny.

Key Explanations:
Ti-89(t) Ti-92+ Ti-v200
2nd F1 Hand Punch (1 possible finish)
Shift F5 Q Hold while standing still, then move towards opponent to Charge
Down+2nd Down+F1 Down+Hand Taunt opponent (you gain Health, but are vulnerable to attack)
Up+2nd Up+F1 Up+Hand Another Taunt (you gain Health, but are vulnerable to attack)
F5 F4 F3 Teacher Key, Quits the game Fast
Left/Right Moves your wrestler horizontally
APPS APPS APPS Pauses the game (tap twice to turn calculator off)
ESC ESC ESC Quits the game

Pummeling Combos:
Ti-89(t) Ti-92+ Ti-v200
1) 2nd+Forwards F1+Forwards Hand+Forwards
* Push your opponent (1 possible finish)

2) 2nd+Up F1+Up Hand+Up
* Lift your opponent up in the air -- once there, you may carry your opponent forward by
pressing towards your opponent. (also, if your opponent is weak enough to be finished and you
lift him near the middle of the ring, the coolest finish will occur) (2 possible finishes)

3) 2nd+Backwards F1+Backwards Hand+Backwards
* Throw opponent in the opposite direction. After a throw, both wrestlers will have switched
directions (3 possible finishes)

4) Shift+Forwards F1+Forwards Hand+Forwards
* Shove your opponent away, out of the pummel position (1 possible finish)

5) Hold Shift Hold F1 Hold Hand
* Only as you are reversing your opponent's throw and have wore him down to a point where you
can finish. This is the hardest finish to perform, but it's also one of the best. If performed
correctly, your opponent will throw you up in the air only to have you crash back down, squishing
him and causing an earthquake. (1 possible finish)

6) Shift+Reversal F1+Reversal Hand+Reversal
* Press while reversing your opponent's throw to attempt a finish where your opponent will toss
you way up, only to have you come crashing down on him, smushing him. Very hard/rare move to


1) Plr vs Calc - Wrestle off against a Computer AI opponent. Set the difficulty level of the
AI in the Options menu.

2) Calc vs Calc - Sit back and watch the frenzy as two computer AI's go at it. Turn up the
speed in the Options menu for some really hectic gameplay.

3) Two Player - Wrestle against a Human opponent via the Link in a fast-paced one-on-one
showdown! See the Two Player Info section of this Readme for more information on this mode.

4) Coming soon: Tournament Mode
Journey along an expansive Japanese landscape, training and fighting your way towards becoming
the one and only Grand Yokozuna! High Scores will only be applicable in Tournament Mode.

5) Sumo Editor - Build and customize your own Externally stored sumos and then wrestle them
against your friend's. It's really fun to create two wrestlers based off of real people
and then have them wrestle either Calc vs Calc or via Linkplay. My math teacher actually
let me create him and another math teacher and have a grudge match in front of the class
using the TI-89's Projector. Editor options include Creating, Editing, and Deleting
External Wrestlers. You may not edit built-in wrestlers. Using the Editor is fairly self-
explanatory. Use the up/down keys to select different attributes of your wrestler and then
press ENTER to change them, except for the stat bars, where you press Right/Left to adjust
their values. You only have a limited number of points to use for your wrestler's stats, so
make sure you spread them out wisely. Each wrestler has three randomly selected smack talk
sayings, which are fully customizable (and extremely fun to create).

* Strength - The most important stat, for determining reversals/finishes, and affects how much
damage to inflict with each move
* Health - The amount of Health your wrestler will begin the match with; all wrestlers begin
with a health stat of at least 41. Adjusting this value will just add to that minimum towards
the maximum health of 72. This attribute also determines the proportionate amount of health
a wrestler gains by taunting.
* Stamina - Factors into determining reversals and finishes
* Speed - How fast your character can move forwards/backwards. Whichever wrestler is faster
will gain the advantage if both wrestlers are attempting to begin movers at the same time, as
well as AI Charging and how quickly AI characters will perform Pummel moves

Sumo Wrestling involves strategy as well as button-smashing. Different wrestlers will fair
better or worse against other wrestlers depending on a comparison of their stats. Since the
Strength attribute is extremely important for determining how much damage each blow inflicts,
a weak, fast wrestler will not always do very well against a strong, slow wrestler. Try to
look for a balance in wrestler stats.

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