Street Fighter 2t[Archive Ti-Fr v2]
Taille du fichier : 174.21 Ko
Nombre de téléchargements : 773
Nombre de vues : 3213
Description rapide : Le celebre jeu de combat de capcom superbement adapté a votre ti92p
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Calculatrices concernées : TI-92+
Hardware concernés : Indifférent
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS1.00~1.05
Langage de programmation utilisé : ASM
Description Complète : Read this first
Sf2t has been longly tested and we haven't found any bug which would have frozen the calculator or made something wrong on your system and
obliged you to reset all memory. However, there are possiblities of crash, and i take no responsability if it ever damages your calculator. Use sf2t at
your own risks.
About sf2t
Sf2t is a fighting game running on a ti calculator (ti92/ti92II/ti92+/ti89). It was completely written in 68000 assembly language. Source code is not
available, but you can email us if you want it.
Note that it is not the final version : many players will be included as soon as possible (guile, dalshim, chun li, ...).

There are two types of external files : background and player. You can put them in any folder you want so that you can archive them.You need at least one player file (ryu, ken or both).

Installing sf2t on a ti92+ / ti89
There is only one version for ti92+/ti89 (compatibility is perfect). You can transmit the ti89 version to a ti92+ (and inversly of course).
Here is the requirement :
-PlusShell installed on the calculator with librairies gray4lib, util, hexlib, and hufflib.
-A 5$ cable (using flink, or a ti92 link software) or a ti-graph link.
-sf2t.9xz (or sf2t.89z, it' s the same) on your calc (you can archive it) and at least one of player files.

You can play with the link interface. Note that the program put the background off when you start the game (because it is very very very s s s s l l l o o o w w w with background : i will try to upgrade it in the next version).
You can play via : 92+ <-> 92+, 89 <-> 92+, 89 <-> 89 !
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