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Description rapide : Une tres belle adaptation du jeu simcity pour votre ti92+
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v0.9A, For the TI-92 Plus

This is non real version, because the budget doesn't
really have exciting conditions.
This is only a demo version, but it will not take very
long until Version 1.0B will release.

Some words of my own:
I'm a 19year old student from Austria and i'm working on this game
December 1998. Then i had a long period where i nearly forgot the
game, but now i decidet to finisch it, because i want it for
If there are mistakes in the text (I'm sure there are), please
if anybody has the time, please tell me!
I have never seen such a game on the TI92plus and I think with this
game (read the future additions at the homepage) everybody can get
lot's of hours game fun, including my self!
I want to make it as nearly as i can get to Sim City 2000 on the PC


For help in the game, please take a look in the included Homepage-
files, please excuse the poor Qualtiy but i wrote it Summer 1999
and to this time it was my first homepage project, a new will
come with Version 1.0B.

The official Adress is:
(i hope this is actual, i don't used it very long)


* TI-92 Plus graphing calculator.

* A link cable (such as TI-Graph Link)

* I compiled it at DoorsOS 0.98 and it worked succesfully

* The following librarys:- graphlib
- gray4lib (will be unuseful in a further version)
- userlib


There is always the risk that an assembly language program may
cause your calculator crash or freeze. While it is unlikely
(impossible?) that a program can cause permanent damage to the
device, I cannot be held responsible for loss of data,
damage to your calculator, etc. Use this program at your own
risk. If your calculator crashes, check your owners manual for
instructions on how to recover it. (Mostly "Lock+2nd+On works)

Special Thanks To...
- Xavier Vassor and Cedric Couffignal for DoorsOS.
- David Ellsworth for Fargo.
- The full team of

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