Kirby's Quest 1.06
Taille du fichier : 114.43 Ko
Nombre de téléchargements : 1519
Nombre de vues : 6460
Description rapide : Un mario, mais avec Kirby :D
Auteur de l'archive : krodakus
Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-89Ti
Hardware concernés : HW1 HW2 HW3
ROMs (AMS) supportés : AMS1.00~1.05 AMS2.01~2.05 AMS2.07~2.09 AMS3.00~3.10
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : Kirbys Quest

Programmed in C and compiled with TIGCC.
The current version should support ti-89 titanium as well, but i cant guarantie as i never tested.

Because some levels are large, you need least 130'000 bytes free memory to play the game.
Otherwise, the program will exit. It is possible that the prog crashes when you don't have enough
Memory. In such a case, Press ON, LEFT, RIGHT and 2ND. If that doesn't work, remove the batteries.
All the files must be in the "main" Folder.
Don't forget to archive all files you need on the calc before running the came.
But dont archive ksave, or your game wont be saved.


2nd : Jump or fly or swim
DIAMOND : aspirate enemys or others
SHIFT : turns view up, press again to restore normal view position
ALPHA : turns view down, press again to restore normal view position
left : move left
right : move right
up : aspirate air
down : crouch or eat enemys

-you can get the power of 5 different enemys by eating them (You will only find 3 in the current levels though)
- The thing that shoots boomerangs
- The rocket
- The Umbrella
- The animal that shoots ice
- The Ball
-you loose the enemys power if you are hurt
-you can't jump in the wather if Kirby is big
-your health is refreshed if you eat mushrooms
-You cant use all your powers in all levels, look at the screen in the beginning.



-first public release


-Super Kirby added
-better level compression
-looking up/down
-Kirby can die now
-more enemys
-more objects
-doesn't crash if not enough memory
-fixed some bugs

-2 new enemys
-new graph set
-Kirby can aspirate enemys
-Kirby can fly
-Kirby can swim
-big change in saving levels

-4 new enemys
-new and faster scroll engine thanks to the new grayscale routine
-fixed bugs when kirby is growing
-kirby can get enemys power now
-new graph set added
-removed the energy thing


-fixed some bugs
-Level Editor to make your own Levels
-new graph set.
-other things like saving, loading, new camera functions...


-well, much more levels now
-pc editor
-new power umbrella
-some other things i dont remember

Things to do:

-more levels
-more graph sets
-more powers to assume

If you have any commends, questions or bug reports, feel free to mail me at

Krzysztof Rodak
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