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Taille du fichier : 67.747 Ko
Nombre de téléchargements : 618
Nombre de vues : 3608
Description rapide : Un jeu qui resemble enormement à tetris, mais en un peu mieux ^^
Auteur de l'archive : Bubba Stinky
Calculatrices concernées : TI-89 TI-92+
Hardware concernés : Indifférent
ROMs (AMS) supportés : Tous (ou non renseigné)
Langage de programmation utilisé : C
Description Complète : Queue v0.8x
by: Kurt "Bubba Stinky" Hoffmann
web site:
Minor Improvments by Aghnar le Bisaïeul
web site:
date: 22-06-01

This is a "nostub" program. That means it doesn't require any shell or libraries
or any extra files on your calculator. It should still work if you have a shell
installed. Simply transfer the files to your calculator, type queueexe(), and press enter.

If you have a previous installation:
Unarchive the queuedata file if you have it archived. Then replace it with the
new one. About your high scores file, sorry but because of the changes newer
versions of Queue will not read old "quehs" files. Consider this a chance to start
over, a fresh new game.

Keys on the TI-89:
left left
right right
down down
F1 rotate counter-clockwise
HAND instant drop
F5 rotate clockwise
Esc Pause/Quit
+/- Contrast up/down
APPS Teacher Key (exits immediately and saves your game)

Keys on the TI-92+:
left left
right right
down down
2nd rotate counter-clockwise
Shift rotate clockwise
Diamond instant drop
Esc Pause/Quit
+/- Contrast up/down
APPS Teacher Key (exits immediately and saves your game)

Coming Soon:
- some better graphics (especially in multiplayer)
- other small changes

6-22-01: Version 0.8x
- Minor improvments have been done by
Aghnar le Bisaïeul (
- Key modifications for better gameplay.
- Better Gray support on HW2 calc.
- Now scoring like in Tetris Game Boy version.

1-18-01: Version 0.8
- added multiplayer win/loss and fixed major bugs in queue multiplayer
- better line clearing and redrawing

1-6-01: Version 0.7
- pretty Tetris and Quadra graphics
- teacher key saves game, major bug fixes, src included

12-25-00: Version 0.6
- new line clearing graphics and other small changes

10-1-00: Version 0.5
- consistant menus, flashing lines, starting junk in tetris mode
- smaller file (TIGCC Lib 2.2) and compressed executable (TICT)

9-1-00: Version 0.4
- better line clearing, more keys, cool intro, and more options
- automatic power down after 1 minute

8-26-00: Version 0.3
- new blocks, new graphics, layout option
- high score file and histogram block statistics (thanks Alex Astashyn)

8-20-00: Version 0.2
- improved use of screen space on 92+, improved graphics

8-13-00: Version 0.1
- initial release

8-7-00: Development began

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